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The number of times we would have had our sleep disturbed or felt irritated by a mosquito. Some times we broke Dreams because of mosquitos bites.

A mosquito does seem like a tiny, harmless insect that you can swat with your hand. But, it is not that simple. It can be if you Bring the best mosquito net for bed.

The danger that mosquitoes pose is genuine. Diseases such as malaria and dengue have been responsible for thousands of people falling sick and have even resulted in the deaths of quite a few.

Today on this day, a Proper amount of sleep is very very required for anyone to stay healthy and energetic to get through the day.

A mosquito net is not just useful for your home. When you are travelling to a hot and humid place, mosquito nets are not only advisable but are also a necessity.

Depending on you, which type of mosquito net you require. It available in different sizes and also different kinds of models.

In Today’s fashion world, mosquito nets are also available in different features like side pocket, charging cable gap, foldable mosquito nets, etc.

In this post, we are reviewing popular mosquito net for bed, which most people prefer to use.

7 Best Mosquito Net For Healthy Sleep-2020

Mosquito Net for Bed


Bed Type


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Classic Mosquito Net 


Double Bed

Terelyne (Polyester)

Shoo Moski Mosquito net


Double Bed

polyester Net Frabic

Healthy Sleeping
Mosquito Net


Double Bed

Amazing Hind Mosquito Net


Double Bed

fully polyester

GALOPPIA ® Mosquito Net


Double Bed


Healthy Sleeping Mosquito Net


Double Bed


OnlineTree  Mosquito Net


Double Bed


Size and Shape:

Make sure to measure the size of your bed before you buy the mosquito net So that it leaves enough space to tuck the edge under the mattress.


There are two different types of materials used in mosquito net- cotton – polyester

cotton materials are low tear strength and can port more dust that leads to allergies sometimes.

Polyester materials work well for letting air flow through the net and are more comfortable to sleep and the best feature washable, and they have high strengths and low weight.

7 Best Mosquito Net for Bed In India

1:) Classic Best Mosquito Net for Bed Foldable King Size

Reason To Buy

  • Bed For king Size:- 200*200*145 cm
  • Easily washable
  • folded in less than 30 Seconds
  • Storage bag included at free of cost
  • Gates on two sides
  • Easy to installation and remove
  • Terylene Material

Classic Mosquito Net is one of the popular brands in mosquito nets. Classic Mosquito net ensures that sleep is not only a peaceful but also a safe experience.

The net are of a generous size that can easily fit any bed size ranging from king size, super king size, queen size bed, and a single bed.

The net has large zippers for easy entry and exit. The mosquito net has a soft fabric that has tiny holes that keep not only mosquitoes out but also other insects out and yet allows breeze of air for a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Mosquito spray is very dangerous for our health. you can use a mosquito net for bed and save loved once from a chemical.

2:) Shoo Moski Foldable Mosquito Net

Reason To Buy

  • The third front door to watch tv
  • Two-way zipper
  • King size bad 6*6.5
  • Separate zipper for the cell phone charging table
  • Inside pocket for holding phones, glasses, etc
  • PVC coated stainless steel frame

The mosquito net for king size bed is much more significant as compared to another net. It is very comfortable being inside the net.

The mosquito net has three large doors two at both sides of the bed and one in front to watch on TV or it open when the netting is not in use.

The mosquito net for king size bed made with 100% Polyester Net fabric. The holes are dense and small.

The frame used is PVC Coated Stainless Steel spring frame which is highly reliable and durable. Quality is excellent.

The mosquito net is ideal for indoor as well as outdoor use. It can be used at home to protect ourselves against mosquitoes and also can be taken along while travelling and camping. It would prove to be a lifesaver for travellers.

3:) Healthy Sleeping Foldable  Mosquito Net

Reason To Buy

  • Bed Size Length 6′ to 7’, Width 5.6′ to 6.6′ feet
  • Two sides for easy and convenient entry and exit
  • Fold-able, portable, light-weight, handy storage bag
  • healthy and hygienic
  • Less space occupancy for storage

The Best mosquito net for bed is healthy slipping mosquito net offers protection against the mosquito.

During monsoon, we are likely to get affected by harmful diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and various forms of encephalitis, including the West Nile virus.

To safeguard yourself against such hazards, you need a protective shield, and this is where you need a healthy sleeping mosquito net.

The mosquito net can be easily hand wash and cleaned without any fear. the mosquito net in normal temperature water pour into natural detergent soaked mosquito net 30 minutes.

The healthy sleeping mosquito net you not only avoid mosquito but also flies and other insects that cause health and skin issues.

The mosquito net for a double bed uses a high-quality two-way zipper, chain, lace, ring, ribbon, beautiful design threat, and PVC backing cloth for holding the steel wire.

To safeguard yourself against, you need a protective shield, and this is where you need a healthy sleeping mosquito net.

4:) Amazing Hind Mosquito Net for King Size Bed

Reason To Buy

  • Bed size 6.8 to 6.8 feet
  • It’s an Oval shape
  • Good for meditation & yoga and sound sleep
  • Floor stops fleas,bed bugs,spider and other crawling insects
  • Fully polyester floor

This Best mosquito net for bed has two easy and convenient entry and exit.

It accommodates a double bed, king-size, super king size and queen size bed and this product weight almost 3kg

As per the running summer season, this fantastic hind mosquito net has restricted the entry of flies and mosquitoes which gives a pleasant sleep of your child.

You can use this mosquito net indoor and outdoor like, in the bedroom, terrace, garden and many more places.

The mosquito net zippered door for secure entrance and sizable zippered side, allows easy access.

It provides complete a natural and organic way to your kids. It instantly folded in less than 30 seconds.

This process is straightforward for anybody can do it. It’s a small give carry bag. The mosquito net for double bed net can quickly provide two adults and one kid.

5:) GALOPPIA Foldable Mosquito Net – Single Bed 

Reason To Buy

  • Single bed size 200cm (6ft) X 120cm (4ft) X 145 cm
  • Carry it along during travelling
  • No harmful chemicals used
  • Two-way zippers is provided
  • It’s moved around conveniently
  • Made in India

The mosquito net for single bed there is extra fabric on the side of the net which can be taken inside the bed after opening the net.

This mosquito net taking extra care such a way the polyester mesh are bit larger in size, which will allow proper flow of air inside the net at that same time small enough for mosquito.

The mosquito net has two zippers on the entry and exit. The rods come with extra strength which makes the net pop-up when open and prevents it from collapsing.

This mosquito net to give peaceful sleep at night and prevent people from dangerous diseases like malaria, dengue, chikungunya etc.

The net can be destroyed and packed in its bag with the same ease.

6:) Healthy Sleeping Double Bed Mosquito Net

Reason To Buy

  • Bed size  182.9 x 182.9 x 125 cm and weight 1.4 kg
  • Less space occupancy for storage
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • High quality and durable product
  • Healthy and hygienic
  • Many design colors and pattern

The mosquito net for a double bed is foldable, portable, light-weight, handy storage bag and easy to carry using spring steel technology and self-support design.

It can be assembled in 30 seconds and can fold in 30 seconds. Any place you can use this mosquito net.

Now no need to suffer from a side effect of mosquito sprays, coils, mats and repellents.

The mosquito net made form various color and flower printed design mesh.

The simplicity and safety of the product make it an absolute have it for every household.

The mosquito net is of premium quality fabric. There are high carbon steel wire with PVC tube cover by this mosquito net for a double bed.

Additionally, come with a durable bag for long life. The mosquito net has very easy to foldable and light-weight.

7:) OnlineTree Double Bed Foldable Mosquito Net

Reason To Buy

  • Bed size 6*6 feet
  • Made of synthetic polyester
  • Innovative design
  • Good airflow inside the mosquito net
  • Easy to handle Carry

The mosquito net for a double bed made of polyester fabric and most beautiful mesh, which ensures super quality and restricts flies and mosquitoes to help you enjoy a sound sleep.

This mosquito net can be easily hand wash and cleaned without any fear. You can deep in normal temperature water pour into natural detergent soaked mosquito net 30 minutes for best cleaning.

The mosquito net has large zippers for easy entry and exit. The mosquito net an of soft fabric that has tiny holes that keep not only mosquitoes out but also other insects out and yet allows breeze of air for a comfortable and peaceful sleep.

The mosquito net polycotton mesh used for the mosquito net makes sure that the insects are out but presents surpassing airflow for you to breathe. Therefore it provides a comfortable and pleasant sleep.

How to mosquito net folding?

Advantages of mosquito nets

At Kitchenstar we advise you to go for mosquito nets, even though there are many ways to stay away from a mosquito. Below are some reasons why we say mosquito nets are important.

Stay Away from Diseases:-

Many of us are allergic to dust and odor, that is the reason to stay away from sprays and creams.

By choosing the right type of mosquito nets you will never face such a challenge. Please refer to “10 best Mosquito Nets” to learn more.

Helpful During Yoga and Meditation:-

If you would like to enjoy yoga in outdoors but scared of mosquito, then these nets will be a perfect savior. Foldable nets can be carried easily.


Add mosquito nets to your travel list compulsory if you are travelling to the malaria-endemic area. These nets will save you from all types of bugs and insects.

Travel mosquito nets last for a couple of years even after several washes, though they are less spacious. Foldable and wedge nets are the best options for travelling.

FAQ of Best Mosquito Net For Bed

  1. What is a mosquito net?

    The mosquito net is a meshed curtain that made of polyester or metal uniquely designed for window, door, and window. It checks all types of pets from accessing the house while still having the possibility of splitting the way of fresh oxygen.

  2. How to hang a mosquito net?

    A mosquito net can be a life-saving production of kit for travellers, but if you have never hung a mosquito net it can be a problem. In this guide, we take you through how great to hang your mosquito net.

    -Pull out your net from the cloth sack and opened it onto the bed or floor. That will make it simpler to recognize the hanging points.

    -Next, check for somewhere to hang your net. You will need to hang your mosquito net from the ceiling or a high place on the wall.

    -Machine or buzz mosquito nets only need one stopping point straight above where your title will be. Ridge nets will need two hanging points in line with each other.

    -The rest of your net needs to be tucked in below your mattress or sleeping mat to secure no mosquito will be able to get in.

  3. How effective are mosquito nets?

    That would be the first query people get when they are looking for a product. Surprisingly the most efficient way to check sickness is sleeping under the mosquito nets as per the study.

    You may use flashcards, some showers, but that effect wears off after a while and will not decrease your problem, but that’s not the case with mosquito nets. The thick mesh does not allow mosquitos to enter the sleeping position.

    You will not face any problem to move as the openings in the net allow air to pass fluently.

  4. Mosquito net shapes.

    1.Box mosquito net
    2.wedge mosquito net
    3.Bell mosquito net
    4.Freestanding mosquito net

  5. What is the purpose of mosquito net?

    If you are in-country or an environment that considers mosquitoes, you don’t need to trouble about any harmful conditions by using the mosquito nets. These nets will give you silence of mind and comfortable sleep without any fear of fatal infections.

  6. What is mosquito netting made of?

    Mosquito material can be made of cotton, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, or nylon. A mosquito barrier is an alternative form of a mosquito net.