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If you think that cleaning the chimney will be a problem, you can set your worries aside. The full Range of The Best Kitchen Chimney in India solves your Problems.

According to Research, kitchens with a chimney is cleaner because their average cleanliness is rating 4.1/5. But without a chimney, it had a 2.8/5 cleanliness rating.

The Kitchen chimney is an appliance that absorbs smoke, fumes from the kitchen and gives kitchen clean oil, and smoke-free.

Every Indian family loves to cook Variety Dishes and prepare grilled vegetables and meat.  But the smoke and fumes that arise from cooking these items make you want to skip preparing these foods at home.

In this section of the Best Auto Clean Chimney, we have given a few fundamental factors like chimney types, filters, size, suction power, etc. that help to make a suggested choice.

What does a kitchen chimney do?

The electric chimney sucks the air inside the kitchen. The air then passes through the filters, which receive the heat and traps the oil particles, thereby removing fumes and outdoor and ventilates your kitchen, keeping it fresh and outdoor free.

Is the kitchen chimney necessary?

If you want a sparkling clean kitchen, you need a kitchen chimney.

Best Chimneys For Indian Kitchens

Best Auto Clean Chimney In India

Suction Capacity

Noise Level


Buy Now

1200 m3/hr

 58 db

1+5(Motor) years

1200 m3/hr

 58 db

1+5(Motor) years

1200 m3/hr

 58 db

1+5(Motor) years

1200 m3/hr

58 db

1+5(Motor) years

1100 m3/hr

62 db

2 Year Product

1200 m3/hr

58 db

1+5(Motor) years

1200 m3/hr

56 db

1+5(Motor) years

1250 m3/hr

65 db

2+7(Motor) years

1200 m3/hr

58 db

1+5(Motor) years

Best Auto Clean Chimney in India

1. Elica 60 Auto Clean Chimney (Most Buying Chimney)

Reason To Buy

  • Perfect for 2-4 Gas burner stove (60 cm)
  • 1200 m3/hr Suction Capacity
  • Heat Auto-Clean Technology
  • LED lamps
  • Oil Collector
  • Baffle Filter
  • Curved Glass
  • 5 years on Motor and 1 year on product Warranty

Elica is a well-known brand in kitchen appliances. Elica is all set to transform the kitchen hood industry.

The significant benefit of this product is Heat Auto Clean Technology. Just Push Touch Button and Chimney auto clean its self.

Chimney comes With a suction capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour, which gives you comfort and helps your kitchen stay fresh, as it is less noisy, low on maintenance, and energy-efficient.

The baffle filters keep kitchen smoke & oil-free. The filters are also effortless to clean & maintain.

Best Auto Clean Chimney Comes with oil collector. The oil collector collects the oil and other trash conveniently.

Its rust-free design assures durability and hassle-free cleaning.

Elica has another Product with Great Features.

2. Eurodomo Auto-Clean Chimney

Reason To Buy

  • 1200 m3/h Suction Power
  • Touch Control Panel
  • Stainless Steel Baffle Filter
  • Heat Auto Clean Technology
  • LED Lights
  • Elegant Body
  • Tempered Glass
  • 1-year overall warranty and 5 years on motor

Eurodomo has been crafting high-quality and innovative products for more than 35 countries across the globe.

Eurodoma Brand is well known in kitchen appliances.

The beautiful chimney helps secure smoke-free cooking.

This Best Kitchen Chimney in India Comes with a high-quality stainless steel baffle filter which helps in drawing down all oil, smoke, and excess particles.

This Kitchen chimney has a power capacity of 1200 cubic meters per hour.

The eurodomo kitchen chimney guides the touch control panel with a digital display.

3. Faber Auto Clean Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India

Reason To Buy

  • 1200 m3/hr Suction Capacity
  • Heat Auto Clean
  • Perfect for 2-4 burner stove
  • 3 Speed motion sensor touch control
  • Oil Collector
  • Gesture control
  • Max noise(dB): 58
  • 1-year on the product, 5-year on motor and rotor Warranty

Faber Auto clean chimneys are known for their excellent suction technology, higher performance and lesser noise.

Faber Hood Crest model is a Heat Auto clean chimney with oil Collector which comes Filterless technology.

This Hood Crest Model comes with the support of easy maintenance and easy to use, wherein you do not need to spend more time in the Kitchen Chimney cleaning process.

This Faber Kitchen Chimney Unique Gesture control feature gives you the option of operating without touching the control panel.

This Lesser noise level Features give you a calm environment in your kitchen So You can focus on your cooking without any disturbance.

4. Hindware Auto-Clean Angular Kitchen Chimney

Reason To Buy

  • 1200 m³/HR Suction Capacity
  • Perfect For 2-4 burner stove
  • Noise(db): 58
  • Heat auto clean
  • Tempered Glass
  • Stainless-Steel Material
  • 1 year comprehensive and 5 years warranty on motor

For a smoke-free and healthy cooking experience, you can use the chimneys from Hindware Kitchen Appliances.

Kitchen Chimneys that are equipped with the auto-clean feature are much useful because cleaning kitchen chimneys can be time-consuming.

This Kitchen Chimney has a Double layer stainless steel filter for allowing oil-free fresh air to move in the filters.

This Chimney comes up with chimneys having oil-collector cups.

The grease-filled droplets rise with the hot air and smoke, finally getting collected in the oil-collector container.

One Down Point about this chimney that it hasn’t any Cleaning Filter.

5. SUNFLAME Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Reason To Buy

  • Suction power of 1100m3/hr
  • Touch Control
  • Baffle and charcoal filter
  • Perfect For 2-4 Burner Gas Stove
  • Noise(dB): 62
  • Curved Glass
  • Heat Auto-Clean technology
  • Efficient LED Lights
  • 2 years Product Warranty

Sunflame has been one of the well-known brands for kitchen appliances.

Sunflame’s products promise more effective cooking and a hassle-free life.

Cleaning the kitchen chimney comes with easy with the Innovative Heat Auto-Clean technology.

This touch control feature enables users to operate the chimney effortlessly with just a smooth Touch. It also has a charcoal filter that allows ductless operation.

It is equipped with two stainless steel detachable Baffle Filters with removable steel oil cup which is suitable for Indian kitchens, and it requires cleaning every six months.

6. Glen Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Reason To Buy

  • 4th Generation Heat Auto Clean System
  • Stainless Steel Baffle Filters
  • 100% copper winding motor
  • Responsive Touch Sensor Controls
  • 1200 m3/h Suction Capacity
  • Touch Control
  • LED lights
  • Oil Collector Tray
  • 5 year warranty on Motor and 1 year on product

The Glen Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney is a smart design hood with Curved Toughened glass to give that classic and modern look to your kitchen.

This Auto Clean Chimney Come with 4th Generation auto clean technology, the housing is heated to a temperature of 80- 85°C.

Housing and Fan are made of metal for the utmost safety, and low noised smooth movement so you can concentrate on Healthy cooking.

The touch sensor controls are very easy to operate.

This auto clean Chimney has two Eco-friendly power-saving LED lights to brighten up the cooking area.

The Powerful suction of 1200 m3/h is hurried away all the traces of fumes or grime in seconds.

7. Pureflames Ruby Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Reason To Buy

  • Push Button Control
  • Low Noise <56 dba
  • 1200 m3/hr Suction Capacity
  • Thermal Auto Cleaning Chimney
  • Baffle filter
  • Perfect For 2-4 Burner Gas Stove
  • Tempered Glass
  • 1 Year on Product and 5 year Motor Warranty

Pureflames’ 60cm 1200 m3/hr Chimney will make a great supplement to your kitchen and its Perfect Choice for 2-4 Burner Gas Stove.

The Kitchen chimney’s control panel is as simple as it is easy to operate. 3-speed a fan is optimized for light, medium, and heavy cooking.

No Need to Worry to Cleaning Chimney, Its baffle filter traps grease, oil, and gases that are ejected during cooking.

Thermal Auto Cleaning Function helps in cleaning the oil that may form inside the chimney with the touch of a button.

The stainless steel layer of this kitchen chimney protects it from corrosion and makes it easy to clean.

8. Inalsa Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Inalsa Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney

Reason To Buy

  • Touch Control with Digital Display
  • 1250m3/hr Suction Capacity
  • Toughened Glass
  • SS Oil Collector
  • Thermal Auto Clean
  • 65 dBA Noise level
  • 2 Speed Settings & Timer
  • 60 cm Perfect for Small and Medium Gas Stove
  • 2 years on product and 7 years on motor Warranty

Inasla Best Kitchen Chimney has a maximum descent rate of 1250 m³/hour, ideal for a kitchen of around 40m².

Auto clean technology resolves the problem of cleaning your Kitchen chimney with just one smooth touch.

This Best Kitchen Chimney in India comes with a suction capacity of 1250 m3/hr.

Its Less Noisey Features give you comfort and help your kitchen stay fresh.

Included baffle filters keep kitchen smoke and oil-free. The filters are also effortless to clean and maintain.

This Chimney gives you a 2-year product warranty and 7 years of motor warranty, Its Great Service Compare to Other Chimney Brands.

9. Seavy Auto Clean Chimney

Best Kitchen Chimney In India

Reason To Buy

  • Powerful Suction
  • Thermal Auto Clean Technology
  • Baffle Filter
  • 2 Round Shape LED lights
  • Durable SS Body
  • Touch Panel
  • Aesthetic Design

Seavy India is a label that means trust and quality.

Air suction of this kitchen chimney is the capacity of the motor to suck oil particles and odor. It is perfect for a 2-4 burner gas stove.

The technology uses a thermal method in which heat is created to clear the interiors of the Chimney of the collected oil and dirt.

Curved Glass with black steel finish gives you a premium look.

Baffle Filters Comes with a detachable steel oil cup suitable for Indian kitchens, and It requires cleaning every 6 months.

Best Chimney is also well furnished with energy-efficient 2 LED Lights.

Seavy Kitchen Company gives you 1 year comprehensive & 5 years on motor warranty.

Elica vs Faber – Which Company Best to buy?

Elica and Faber are the two popular kitchen appliances brand. Unlike other brands that are shipped from outside India, these 2 brands have manufacturing plants in India.

Elica and Faber are usually discussed between family members. So if we compare these two brands, who will take the lead?


Elica prides for the no. 1 brand but is it the best brand among all brands for kitchen appliances?

  • More extended Warranty: Elica gives more extended warranties compared to other brands.
  • Silent Chimney: This range is unique on Elica.
  • Price: Elica gives a different price range for customers with various budgets.
  • Performance: Elica’s review is excellent, and it does the job of ventilating your house completed.
  • No- replacement policy: The Elica has no return policy even if they give a faulty product. You must-read through Elica’s return policy before making action for purchase!
  • Repair service: Elica is not a brand that has the best service. All the repairs are done by local agencies and engineers that are work for other brands also.

Consumers have recommended Elica for beautiful aesthetics and more extended warranties.


Faber is a family brand that most Indians are familiar with. 

  • Warranty: Faber gives the most extended time warranty on motor and rotor.
  • Noise-free: Faber KItchen Chimneys don’t gain loud noises, but they are not as silent as Elica’s silent chimneys.
  • Price: like Elica, Faber also provides to customers with different economic and social status.
  • Performance: many customers recommend Faber for sufficient ventilation.
  • Replacement Policy: Faber will replace the part that’s troubling to repair it to its working conditions.
  • Repair service: All brands of home appliances have this defeat. Their repair service is not as hassle-free as they make out to be.

Faber is known for its different purposes like 3-way suction power. If you want your kitchen to be free of every oil and smoke particle, then Faber is your First Choice.

Important tips for buying a Best Kitchen Chimney in India

Choosing the Chimney Size-

2 or 4 burner stove –> 60 cm Kitchen Chimney

3 to 5 burner stove –>90 cm kitchen chimney

Different Types of Best Kitchen Chimney:-

What kind of kitchen chimney are you going to purchase decision depends on the construction of your kitchen and where are you thinking to fit it.

kitchen chimney can be divided into 4 categories.

• Wall mounted chimney

• Island chimney

• Built-in chimney (Integrated)

• Corner chimney (Rare in India)

Best Kitchen Chimney in india

Wall Mounted chimney:-

The kitchen chimney fitted against the wall and cooktop, hob also located near to the wall.

Best Kitchen Chimney in india

Island chimney:-

The cooking platform, hob located at the center of the kitchen, away from the wall. Kitchen chimney is hanging to the ceiling above the cooking top, hob.

Best Kitchen Chimney in india

Built-in chimney:-

Built-in Kitchen chimneys are combined inside the kitchen wood furniture work against the wall.

Best Kitchen chimney in india

Corner chimney

Corner chimney is fitted in the corner of the kitchen where the cooking top, hob located at the corner on the wall.

Types of kitchen chimney filter

Depending on the structure, material, and filtering process, chimney filter types are divided into 3 categories.

  • Cassette filter
  • Baffle filter (best for Indian food)
  • Carbon filter

Cassette filter:-

Best kitchen chimney in india

Cassette filter is made of aluminum mesh that is stocked on each other. The gap between the mesh allows air through it. Oil, grease particles in airstrike to this mesh aluminum thread.

Slowly these grease, oil particles sealed the mesh and affect the suction power of the chimney. 

That’s why, cassette filters need to wash, clean once in a week for better performance. 

To clean kitchen chimney, sink cassette filter in a container of detergent water for some while, wash with cleaner water. If need you can scrub too.

Baffle filter

Best kitchen chimney in india

Baffle filter kitchen chimneys are best for Indian food items with Masala food.

The baffle is a flow control panel. Baffle filter is made in various curve structure.

When cooking air passes into these curve changes the direction of smoke air.

During this process heavy grease, smoke particles are pulled down in baffle filters.

Even though, baffle filter is fully filled with grease, oil it only affects the chimney suction power.

The baffle filter needs very less maintenance. Needs to wash the baffle filter once in 2 months. These filters abilities to run a number of years without replacement.

Carbon Filter

Best kitchen chimney in india

Carbon filter, also known as Charcoal filter because it is made up of black charcoal.

A carbon filter mainly used for consuming smell. The carbon filter is an optional one.

In case of recycling / without duct, chimney carbon filter used along with the baffle filter or cassette filter.

The oil, smoke particles sealed inside the carbon filter and reduce the suction power of the chimney, so they need to replace once in six months.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

  1. Are chimneys good to use?

    According to Research, kitchens with a chimney is cleaner because their average cleanliness is rating 4.1/5. But without a chimney, it had a 2.8/5 cleanliness rating.

  2. Which brand is best for kitchen chimney?

    List of best kitchen Chimney brands in India –
    -Elica (we Recommended)
    -Seavy (Our Best Pick)

  3. Is auto clean chimney better?

    The auto-clean chimney has better suction power Capacity; the radial force keeps the oil particles in the collector which allows the filters to perform better. On the other hand, regular chimney filters cannot show their best performance because of the oil particles plugging it. So we Highly Recommend to Buy Auto Clean Chimney.

  4. Which type of chimney is better?

    A kitchen chimney with higher air suction capacity is ideal for Indian kitchens. For frequent cooking, the range should be between 400 m3/hr to 1200m3/hr, depending on the size of your kitchen. The chimneys with a long hose have generally more suction power. For 2-4 Burner 1200m3/hr is perfect.

  5. Which type of Chimney is the Best for a Kitchen?

    The type of Kitchen chimney depends on 4 factors- Area of the Kitchen, Position of the Stove/ Oven, and your budget. For a typical Indian Kitchen, the dusted and wall-mounted chimney is good in low to the average budget.