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With busy lifestyles and schedules, you may be low on time when it comes to cooking.

But devices like an electric rice cooker help you optimize your kitchen efforts and make your cooking experience less time-consuming and more enjoyable.

Best Electric rice cookers are a miracle because now we don’t have to wait for LPG cylinders to cook food, especially rice or food items that can be boiled. 

Electric cookers are available in four types, rice cooker, multi cooker, food steamer, and travel cooker.

All these types of electric cookers is offered in many capacities and palettes of colors. You need to go with the one that fulfills all your requirements in the best possible manner.

If you are worried that buying a rice cooker will burn a hole in your pocket, We are here for you. We deeply research mini Electric Rice cookers, which also very easy to carry with you while travelling.

Best Smart Rice Cooker

Mealthy MultiPot 9-in-1 Programmable Electric Pressure Cooker

Reason To Buy

  • 9-in-1 Ready Programmable
  • Stainless Steel Pot
  • LCD Panel with intuitive icons and progress indicator
  • Instructional videos on website and app
  • Silicone gasket for savoury or sweet dishes
  • Auto Pressure Control
  • Auto Temp Control
  • Smart Locking Sensor

How Much Water Need to Use in a Best Electric Rice Cooker?

The amount of water you need to use in your rice cooker will depend on the kind of rice you’re using and whether or not you wash your rice before adding it to the cooker.

Here is a division of the different types of rice and how much water you need to cook them:

For every one cup of rice , use the amount of water listed below.

  • Long grain white rice – 1 ¾ cups
  • Medium grain white rice – 1 ½ cups
  • Short grain white rice – 1 ½ cups
  • Long grain brown rice – 2 ¼ cups
  • Parboiled rice – 2 cups
  • Basmati or Jasmine rice – 1 ½ cups
  • Quinoa – 2 cups

Best Rice Cooker Brand in India


Butterfly Wave 

  • 1.2-Litre
  • 600 Watts
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Prestige PRWO

  • 1 Litre
  • 700 watts
  • 1 Year warranty
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Bajaj Majesty

  •  0.4-Litre
  • 200 watts
  • 2 Years Warranty
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Prestige Multi Cooker

  • 1 Litre
  • 600 Watts
  • 1 Year
Check Price

Panasonic SR-WA

  • 0.5 litre
  • 450 watts
  • 1 Year warranty
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  • 1.2 litre
  • 600 watts
  • 2 Year warranty
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Wonderchef Prato

  • 1 Litre
  • 400 watts
  • 2 Years
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Best Rice Cooker in india

1. Butterfly Wave 1.2-Litre Multi-Cooker

Reason To Buy

  • Auto switch-off
  • 1.2 liters Capacity
  • Transparent lid – easy to see inside
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Stainless steel body
  • 600 watts Power
  • Wider mouth – so easy to clean
  • 1 year warranty

The butterfly is a well-known brand for kitchen appliances. This Best Electric Rice cooker comes with 600 watts power.

It will be suitable for your kitchen with SS body, elegant handle, lengthy cord, light indicator, and the best part is automatic cut off.

You can boil eggs, rice, make soups, prepare noodles, and have a cup of tea with this electric cooker.

When we use electric appliances, the most critical factor is safety. This electric rice cooker comes with full of safety features.

2. Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Reason To Buy

  • Cook rice up-to 1kg
  • Automatic cooking
  • Detachable Power Cord
  • Two aluminium cooking pans
  • Measuring Cup
  • 700W Power
  • Disclaimer: Do not switch on the cooker when empty

Who Work In a kitchen or not, but we all know Prestige is India’s No.1 kitchen appliance brand.

It provides to the various demands of homemakers in the country.

Best Electric Rice Cooker is an essential kitchen appliance to own. With 1.8 liters capacity and 700 watts Power motor.

This Best Electric Cooker comes with Additional Cooking Pans, Measuring Cup and Rice Scoop.

You can quickly cook rice up-to 1Kg with this rice cooker. The main Benefits with this electric rice cooker is after the rice cooked, it automatically shifts to the “Keep Warm” mode.

It also houses to indicators- Cook and Warm. The detachable power cord gives the cooker portable and convenient to use when we travel.

It comes with a 5-year warranty on the heating plate, detachable power cord. 

One thing keeps in mind Do not wash the main body of the cooker or dip it in water. Its electrical insulation may get damaged.

3. Bajaj Majesty Mini Electric Rice Cooker

Reason To Buy

  • Transparent lid for monitoring of rice
  • 200 watts Power
  • Perfect size and weight for travel
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Best For Single/Couple
  • Cook maximum 0.20 Kg of rice at once
  • Two years on product Warranty

This Bajaj Best Electric Rice Cooker is Perfect for Travel due to its compact size and easy to operate.

This Rice cooker has a transparent lid for monitoring rice with easy operation.

This 200 watts Power multi-functional rice cooker is very compact. It has ideal size and weight suitable for travel and also saves cooking gas and time.

This electric rice Cooker can cook a maximum of 0.20 Kg of rice at once.

Its suitable when you want to cook a small amount of rice at home or while travelling.

4. Prestige Multi Electric Cooker

Reason To Buy

  • Best for travel
  • 600 watts Power Consumption
  • Elegant glass lid
  • 1 Liter capacity
  • 360-degree swivel base
  • Trendy cool-touch handle
  • Variable temperature control
  • 1-year warranty 

So Many Things You Can do with this Prestige Electric Cooker like noodles, boiled potatoes, rice porridge, cooked vegetables, pasta, soup, boiled rice, boiled eggs, tea. 

This Cooker Comes with a temperature control knob for controlling the precise temperature while brewing. 

This Elegant Glass Lid allows you to see into the cooking levels and get desired results. 

Feel Free when you put a cup on-base because it has a 360-degree swivel base. 

The automatic Power indicator helps you when the Electric Cooker is hot.

5. Panasonic Automatic Mini Electric Rice Cooker

Reason To Buy

  • Anodized aluminium Pan
  • Automatic Cooking
  • Power Saver
  • Capacity-1.0 Litre- 0.6 Kg of Rice
  • Stainless steel lid
  • Power: 450 watts 230

When we think of buying a Home or Kitchen appliances, We never forget to think about Panasonic.

This Panasonic electric rice cooker saves power as once the food is cook, it switches off automatically.

It made of anodized aluminum, which makes it sturdy and durable.

This electric Cooker has 1-liter capacity-0.6kg of rice.

6. iBELL Multi Purpose Cooker

Reason To Buy

  • 1.2 Litre capacity
  • 600 watts Power
  • 360 swivel base
  • Easy to Clean
  • Automatic Cut-off
  • Stainless steel body
  • Sturdy Temperature knob

iBELL Multi-Purpose kettle/Cooker designed to help you in the kitchen. This Best Electric Cooker is spacious with a storage capacity of 1.2 liters. 

You can be Cooking and Boiling Multiple things like Rice, Pasta, Vegetable, Egg, Noodles, Beverages, Soup, Tea, Coffee. 

No need to look for markings to place the kettle correctly, this cooker comes with a 360 swivel base. 

The kettle/cooker is straightforward to clean, use your regular dish-washing soap, and rinse thoroughly.

7. Wonderchef Prato Electric Rice Cooker & Steamer

Reason To Buy

  • Cooker And Steamer
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Extra thermostat
  • Italian Design and German Quality
  • Single-button cook
  • 2 Years Warranty

Wonderchef is a leader in cookware and kitchen appliances.

It Comes With German standards of quality, Italian designs, & constant innovation are the hallmarks of Wonderchef.

Momos Lovers Good news for you!, you can Steam momos, modaks, vegetables, meat, fish as well as boil eggs quickly.

In This Electric Cooker, we Make rice, pulao, biryani, porridge, soup, stew, and idlis conveniently.

Its Very Easy to Clean and Single push button with cook-warm-steam use for smooth operation.

In an additional feature, it comes with Extra thermostat to protect the fuse and heating plate.

What Is a Rice Cooker?

A rice cooker is a piece of kitchen appliances that can cook many varieties of rice and grains.

Rice cookers operate by boiling water, which is then absorbed into the rice until it becomes soft. Additionally, rice cookers are automatic, which frees up your employees to work on other tasks.

In contrast, the rice cooks, and you don’t have to worry about it boiling over or burning.

Rice Cooker Advantages and Disadvantages.


Ease of cooking- 

Rice cooker is an electrical appliance that cooks rice automatically.  You need to measure the rice and the liquid and put them in the rice cooker.

After that, you need to shut the lid and turn on the rice cooker.  There is no need to keep on checking on the rice because the cooker will cook the rice grain automatically and correctly.  

The auto-shutoff feature present in the rice cooker automatically terminates the cooking process when the rice is cooked thoroughly.  The auto-shutoff feature works through sensors that detect the weight and moisture content of the rice grains and signals the circuit to shut off when the rice is cooked.  

Thus, you can put forget about the rice after turning on the cooker. 


Most of the Best Electric rice cooker available in the market have programmable settings, which enables them to cook all kind of grains such as brown rice, white rice, lentils, oatmeal, barley, etc.  

Apart from grains, rice cookers can also steam vegetables, fish, and other food items.  They can also be used to prepare soups and stews. Thus, one appliance fulfills so many functions apart from its primary purpose of cooking rice. 

Warming feature- 

Warm feature is usually found in most of the rice cookers.  This feature keeps the rice warm for long periods without the need to add water or reheating.  

Rice cooked in a pot needs water and heating to make it friendly.  This can result in overcooked rice.

A rice cooker eliminates this problem and keeps the rice warm without overcooking.  A rice cooker can keep the rice warm for 20 minutes to even 12 hours, depending upon its model.


Counter space- 

Rice cooker needs to be plugged into an electrical socket. Thus, it would help if you always placed it in proximity to the electrical device.  The unit takes up significant space, and it can be a disadvantage if the counter space near the electrical socket is less. 

Rice drying- 

The warm feature of the rice cooker can result in drying of the rice grains if left for an extended period. Thus, it would help if you were careful to keep the rice in the cooker for a short period as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is electric rice cooker good for health?

    No,Food cooked by electric Rice cookers is not harmful for you health. It steams vegetables & cooks rice or beans in fine cooking methods, & also allows you to cook foods much faster.

  2. What is cheaper gas or electric cooker?

    As can be seen, gas ovens are much cheaper to run than electric Cookergas is also a much more efficient energy source so it will have lower CO2 emissions. However for fan assisted electric cooker use around 20% less energy than conventional electric cooker as they heat up and cool down quicker.