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With busy life Schedule, mornings can be restless for most of us.

We face challenges in preparing breakfast items such as dosas, idlis, grinding chutneys, Chole Bhature, Bread Toaster and boiling eggs in Cooker.

That’s why many devices are added in the market to make the cooking process fast and simple. 

Egg cookers are one such kitchen appliances that will make boiling eggs in the morning a happy event.

They help us to save time and energy, but they also make eggs boil fast while maintaining their nutritional value whole.

Cooking eggs has never been so quick and straightforward, Here We Research full range of Best Egg Boiler and Omelette maker available in market.

Benefits Of Using An Egg Boiling Machine:

In the beginning, may you think that an egg boiler has insignificant benefits that don’t prove its necessity?

But, if you are into fitness or live away from home with no access to a kitchen, it can make your life simpler. 

The benefits of an electric egg cooker:-

  • It provides you to boil more than one egg at a time quickly.
  • You can boil 7 egg at a single placement within just 5-6 minutes.
  • Provide you control over how hard egg you want the cooking to be.
  • Saves your time.
  • Very easy to operate and very space-efficient too.
  • Some of these electric egg boilers help you do a lot more than just cooking eggs like preparing egg omelette as a fryer and as an egg steamer.

Best Egg Boiler in India

1. RYLAN Multifunctional 2 in 1 Best Egg Boiler and Omelette Maker

  • 2 in 1 Multi functional
  • Automatic off Egg Boiler
  • 3 Levels – Hard, Medium or Soft boiled
  • Boil up to 7 eggs at a time in just 5 Minutes
  • Easy To Use
  • No warranty Included

Are you a non-vegetarian? Are you very busy in the morning routine? Don’t you have enough time to prepare breakfast? Then, this Egg Boiler is the Perfect Choice for you.

You can Prepare omelettes, fried eggs, dumplings, cakes, and boil up to 7 eggs at a time with this electric egg cooker.

This Egg frying pan and egg Streamer is made of high-quality nonstick and plastic material.
You can have your breakfast ready for 5-6 minutes as this egg boiler can boil 7 Poached egg together.

The plastic handle fits your palm perfectly, and the transparent cover gives safety while providing 100% clarity.

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2. Kent Instant Egg Boiler Machine

Best Egg Boiler and Omelette Maker in India
  • You Get 3 Different Boiling Mode
  • Automatic Operation
  • Turn off automatically when the eggs are boiled
  • 360 Watts Power Consumption
  • Comes with Overheating Protection
  • Boil 7 Eggs in 3 Minutes
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Cleaning up the vessel is a bit tricky

Kent is a very well valued brand with a wide range of home appliances since 1999. This kent Egg Boiler machine comes with 3 different levels of boiling- Hard, Medium, Soft.

All you need to do is add a relevant quantity of water and turn on the egg machine. Its very easy to use Egg Boiler.

The Electric egg cooker boiler is an excellent appliance to fulfill your nutritional needs.

Are you getting late for office or school in the morning? This instant egg Boiler is a perfect partner for your busy morning’s schedule. It can boiling up to 7 eggs in just 3 minutes.

This Easter machine comes with superior safety purposes like auto power off and overheating strength.

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3. Piesome Multifunctional 2 in 1 Best Egg Boiler and Omelette Maker

  • Egg Boiler and Omelette Maker
  • Automatic Off with Egg Boiler Machine
  • 350 watts Power Consumption
  • High Quality non stick
  • You can get 100% visibility
  • 3 Level Boiling- Hard, Medium, Soft
  • The plastic quality is not durable

You can Cook tasty omelettes, fried eggs, fried fish, and boil eggs with an electric egg boiler.

Its comes with a round design, and a non-stick coated pan spreads the heat evenly and provides healthy cooking.

This Egg boiling steamer takes 350 watts power consumption, so 7 eggs boil in just 3 minutes.

Electric egg boiler Featured with plastic handle fits in your palm correctly, and its transparent cover gives safety while allowing 100% visibility.

4. Tormeti Double Layer Egg Boiler

  • Double Layer Egg Boiler
  • Egg Boiler takes only 10 minutes to Boil
  • 14 Egg Boil at a time
  • 350 watts Power Consumption
  • Buzzer and automatic cut off when boiled
  • Detachable Omelette tray
  • Built Quality little bit disappointed

The Tormeti Double Layer Egg Boiler is a must-have appliance to the kitchen. This electric egg streamer only takes 10 minutes to boil up-to 14 eggs together.

Its featured with auto-off function when the water is boiled dry so it could avoid some risk, very safe, and easy to use.

Electric Egg cooker takes 350 watts of power Consumption. If your designer eats a soft egg, it takes 8 minutes. For a medium egg, it takes 10 minutes, and for Hard egg, it takes only 12 minutes.

Having an omelet in breakfast is perfect for whole day work, its comes with 2 detachable trays so you can make an omelet and boil an egg at a time.

5. Simxen Electric Egg Boiler Machine

  • It Comes with automatic shut off
  • Its takes 10 minutes to Boil
  • It made of high quality ABS material, safe and durable.
  • 350 Watts Power Consumption
  • Easy To Use
  • Affordable Price
  • A little bit more time taking for boiled
  • No Warranty Included

Are you finding an electric egg boiler at an affordable price and excellent quality product? This Simxen Multi-function Electric Egg Cooker in match your requirement.

There is no need to watch again and again during egg boiling because it comes with auto-off use when the water is boiled dry, so it could avoid risk, very safe to use.

Its entirely Made of high-quality ABS material, safe and durable.

You can consistently boil eggs the way you like without fear of fat or oil. Its has 7 egg boiling capacity together.

6. Prestige Electric Egg Cooker

  • Just One-touch operation
  • 3 Level Operation-Hard, Medium and Soft
  • Comes with Auto-Switch off
  • Tray allows for 7 eggs at a time
  • 360 Watts Power Consumption
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Little Expensive

The Prestige is one of the most common Indian household appliances. Prestige Egg Boiler features with 3 different levels of boiling-Hard, Medium, and soft.

This electric machine boils the eggs just the way you require them, boiled at the touch of a button, and multi-measure cup comes with the indicating for three different hardness levels, some eggs, and an egg pin.

Just crowd the eggs with the egg pin given, switch it on, and enjoy your breakfast soon. Because this auto built-in quick egg cooker automatically switches off when the eggs have boiled to the desired hardness.

7. Inalsa Chic Instant Egg Boiler

  • It take 350 watts Power Consumption
  • Made of food graded stainless steel material
  • Water measuring cup with cap and a piercing pin
  • Cook 7 eggs at a time
  • Auto Shutoff Function
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • We found nothing noticeable

This Inalsa innovative egg boiler machine is made of stainless steel metal, and this heater boils up-to 7 eggs in just 7 min only.

We found an additional feature in this egg boiling device that the company gives an egg piercing pin that prevents the egg from breaking.

It comes with the auto-cut off feature that automatically switches off the egg boiling device once the eggs are well boiled to the desired hardness.

It is Included with a water measuring cup with a cap, egg piercer, and a multi-utility bowl.

This Egg boiler perfectly suit as over title best egg boiler and Omelette maker.

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8. HESTIA Best Egg Boiler in India

  • Boils 7 Eggs in 8 Minutes
  • 3 different modes – soft, medium and hard
  • Auto-cut off feature
  • Very Easy to Use
  • BPA & BPS Free Plastics
  • Made in india
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • We found nothing noticeable

Hestia IQ Electric Egg Boiler allows you to boil eggs in 3 different modes – Hard, Medium & Soft, and it is effortless to operate.

The lid of this egg boiler machine is made from high-quality plastic. It is fully transparent and gives a clear view of the contents within.

This egg boiler cooks boiling eggs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner much quicker and easier.

This boiler can give you a fast and hassle-free cooking activity as it can boil 7 eggs in just eight minutes.

The egg steamer has a built-in safety that blocks it from getting injured due to overheating. It shuts down automatically to prevent idle operation and heating behind the threshold.

How To Choose The Best Egg Boiler

It is essential to buy the best egg boiler. But you want to analyze individual factors and critical features before purchasing. Here are the few points to assist you in choosing the Best Egg Boiler and Omelette maker.


The egg Streamer should be able to put more eggs at a time, which increases efficiency and gives more boiled eggs at once. Please choose a two-layered Egg boiler that can boil many eggs compared to the normal one layered boiler. 


 Mo more space required in the kitchen for Egg Boiler. Most appliances take more space in the kitchen. It is effortless to move. It is mainly for those who live far from family or live a busy life and need to cook their food, which is essential to keep in mind.

Auto Turnoff

A lot of egg steamer comes with an alarm, which sounds an alert that the boiling cycle comes to an end.

Energy Efficient

The less the power it uses, the more it can be portable and usable. If the boiler takes more energy, it might increase the load on power as our home runs on many appliances. So, It is enough to choose an egg boiler which consumes less power.


If you are looking for a machine that can serve many purposes rather than just boiling eggs, some egg cookers can also poach eggs and steam other foods like vegetables and fish. It is an important feature to keep in mind when it comes to buying an egg boiler as it saves energy and time.


If you have limited space in your kitchen, Don’t worry about this. The egg boiler requires less space compared to other kitchen appliances.