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The Best microwave oven is now a significant part of most kitchens. During the summer or other hot times of the year, it’s a great appliance because it won’t heat your kitchen the way an oven will.

Unfortunately, most people still use the microwave oven to heat coffee, melt butter, or make popcorn. That’s just fine – but the appliance can do such tons extra! 

Read on to search out the thanks to using the best convection microwave oven, and you will find the first useful microwave.

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Different Types of Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are high demanding kitchen appliances to reheat, grill, or even bake. 

Microwave ovens help to make a full range of recipes and food items, likes popcorn, kebabs, pizza, muffins, and even reheating frozen food. 

If you buy Grill type microwave oven, you cannot use it for baking because there are some factors to recognize before selecting the best microwave oven for your home, based on your family members, food habits. 

We hope the buying guide will help you in selecting the right best microwave oven. You can use our microwave oven selector as well to choose the right microwave oven.

The most significant decision during microwave oven selection is which microwave oven types to buy. 

Three types of microwave ovens are available in the market.

  • Solo microwave oven Best for Reheat, simple cooking
  • Grill microwave oven Best for Reheat and Grill
  • Convection microwave oven Best for Reheat, Grill, and Bake

Best Microwave Oven in India

1. IFB 25 L Convection Microwave Oven

best convection microwave oven

Reason To Buy

  • 25L Capacity Suitable for 3 to 4 Member
  • 2000 watts Power Consumption
  • Multi-Stage Cooking
  • Easy  Steam Clean
  • 26 auto cook
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Reheat
  • 1 year on Product & 3 years on Magnetron & Cavity Warranty

Who wants a chef when you can play the part with this Convection Microwave Oven, which doesn’t only cook thoroughly, but also offers cooking effortlessly. This oven has a capacity of 25 liters.

This Best Convection microwave oven comes with 3 auto store menus so that you can cook Quick by using it.

Are you worried about how to clean inside? Dont worry, Free your microwave from grease in a matter of minutes using steam.

Just enjoy the combined magic of microwave and grill modes to cook and brown delicious meals.

2. Morphy Richards Best Convection Microwave Oven

Morphy Richards 23 LBest Convection Microwave Oven

Reason To Buy

  • 23L Capacity Suitable for bachelors & small families
  • Grilling, Reheating, Defrosting and Cooking
  • Child lock
  • 10 Auto Cooking options
  • Mirrored Glass Door
  • 3 Mode-Microwave mode, Convection mode or Grille mode
  • 2 Years Product Warranty

Morphy Richards is an International brand, but It has made its mark in India. This Best convection microwave oven comes with 23 liters, so it’s perfectly fine for a small family or bachelors.

Are you tired and don’t want to cook than it featured with ten auto cook menu and five different power levels.

This feature controls the heat inside the microwave oven and assures that your food is equally cooked.

This best convection microwave oven comes with a wire rack and a baking plate with a stainless steel cooking cavity.

3. BPL Best Convection Microwave Oven

BPL 25 L Best Convection Microwave Oven

Reason To Buy

  • Made in India
  • 25 Liter Capacity
  • Touch panel
  • Auto Cook Menu
  • Smart Power Selection
  • Stainless Steel Cavity
  • Complimentary recipe book
  • 1 year on product and 1 year on magnetron warranty

You can quickly prepare meals for your family with all in one microwave oven. Whether you select to bake, grill, cook, reheat, or defrost.

You can select a range from auto-cook features that effectively calibrate time and heat according to your various cooking requirements.

The stainless steel cavity allows for the even distribution of heat, cooking your food uniformly.

The smart power range feature allows you to select from different power levels that are optimal for different cooking purposes.

4. AmazonBasics 23 L Convection Microwave Oven

AmazonBasics 23 L Best Convection Microwave oven

Reason To Buy

  • 23 Liter Capacity, Its suitable for 3-4 member
  • Easy To Clean
  • Multi cooking Stage 
  • 5 Different Power Level
  • Pre-Heat Function
  • Child Lock
  • Auto Defrost
  • 1 Year Product Warranty 

This Best Convection microwave oven Comes with convection function that lets you bake, grill, cook, defrost and even-preheat the microwave at the touch of a button.

If you are a small family-like 3-4 member, this 5-liter microwave oven is the perfect choice.

Place your dish in the best microwave oven to cook once the pre-heat temperature is given and locks the control panel so that children cannot operate it accidentally.

5. Godrej Best Convection Microwave Oven

Godrej 20 L Best Convection Microwave Oven

Reason To Buy

  • 20 liter Capacity
  • LED display
  • Multi-distribution
  • Child Lock
  • You can grilling, reheating, defrosting and cooking
  • Tactile buttons
  • 5 Years Warranty

The multistage Godrej best convection microwave oven provides you to get into some multitasking. You can cook, defrost, bake, roast, etc. with one-touch Button.

This unusual multi-distribution benefits you in faster and even cooking by providing heat to be distributed evenly.

Prepare tasty and nutritious breakfast dishes with this Best microwave oven like Idly or Poha with comfort for your first meal.

Body Comes with Stainless steel helps keep the cavity rust-free and increases the life of the cavity.

6. LG Convection Microwave Oven

LG 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

Reason To Buy

  • 21 liter Capacity
  • 151 Auto Cook Menu
  • Quartz Heater
  • Health Plus Menu
  • Microwave Oven Recipe Book
  • Touch Key Pad
  • Child Lock
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty on product

Just select the dish that you want to eat and Enjoy with 151 Auto Cook Menu and menu specially designed for health and calorie-conscious people.

This one is also 21 liters, and it can do anything like grilling, roasting, reheating, defrosting, baking, and many more.

If you prefer LG Brand or using other LG products without any problems, you might want to get this one.

7. Samsung Best Convection Microwave Oven

Samsung 21 L Convection Microwave Oven

Reason To Buy

  • 21 liter Capacity
  • Triple Distribution System
  • 10 healthy cooking menu
  • Ceramic Enamel Cavity
  • High Scratch Resistance
  • Anti Bacterial Protection
  • 1 Year Complete and 4 Years additional warranty on Magnetron

Microwave conventional wave distribution system distributes microwaves from a single Gap Wire.

You can make Uniform & Faster Cooking with Triple Distribution System Features.

It comes with Ceramic Enamel features that make it more than 7 times scratch and corrosion-resistant than other microwave oven interiors.

Microwave Oven Recipe Book

Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India
Best Convection Microwave Ovens in India

Best Microwave Oven Accessories

Oddy Ecobake Baking & Cooking Parchment Paper

Oddy Ecobake Baking & Cooking Parchment Paper

Reason TO Buy

  • Reusable multiple times
  • No need to grease pan
  • Food does not stick
  • Does not affact taste
  • Less oil/ butter/ ghee is required
  • Paper is biodegradable

Solimo 100% Cotton Padded Oven Gloves

Solimo 100% Cotton Padded Oven Gloves Paisley

Reason To Buy

  • 3.5 layers of cotton
  • 100 percent cotton for a good grip
  • Washable and comfortable to use
  • 2 Padded Oven Gloves

Microwave Oven Stand for Kitchen Platform

Microwave Oven Stand for Kitchen Platform

Reason To Buy

  • Up to 30 liter Stand
  • Size : (W)50 X (D) 36 X (H)15 cm
  • Rust & Corrosion free
  • Anti Skid Rubber bush
  • Made In India

Teflon Coated Cake Mould Mold springform Cake pan, Baking Tray, Round

Teflon Coated Cake Mould Mold springform Cake pan, Baking Tray, Round

Reason To Buy

  • Size 3 – 22 cm, Size 2 – 20 cm, Size 3 – 18 cm
  • Stick resistant teflon coating
  • High quality aluminum Material


Best solo Microwave Ovens in India


A solo microwave oven is a primary or entry-level model for simple and limited cooking. It has a magnetron to generate microwaves. Solo microwave ovens are more affordable when compared to other microwave oven models, like grill or convection.

best grill microwave oven


Grill microwave ovens are equipped with additional grilling accessories. The microwave oven and grill function can run together to create delicious grills in minutes. The grill microwave oven has heating coils that help in grilling, toasting or roasting.

Best Convection microwave in india


A convection microwave oven has a fan that distributes heatwaves efficiently so that food can be cooked or baked faster and consistently.


Best Microwave Oven In India


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